A phase of homesickness

Business sa umaga, oDesk sa gabi, full-time homemaker pa… How busy can this ordinary life get?

This is probably a phase of homesickness. Probably stemming from the fact that I work almost nonstop and have no friends around to chill with after work. Most of the time, actually, I don’t have time.

I’m really trying hard to sneak some moments to relax. And this quick blog post may be one of those – plus a few movies queued on my torrent downloader. But I guess, having someone else to talk to and respond makes all that difference. Sometimes I wonder if this is how OFW’s feel, except that I’m still in the Philippines, but yes – I still have this lingering language barrier. At times, hearing someone naturally speak Tagalog may even seem surprising.

Today’s lesson: When you think that the life you’re used to is boring, familiarity will get back at you and somehow you feel sad being distant. And that realization makes you realize how you really value that life despite it being boring and the source of all your life’s complaints.

Thank you Facebook!