Yesterday’s ramblings

NOVEMBER 8. This is DAY 2 of me jotting down random thoughts I would’ve posted on FB or Twitter, had I got intentions of annoying everyone. Anyhow, for a difference and to see whether I rant more than I could appreciate, I’ll be color-coding negative statuses. Let’s see if would need a shrink anytime soon…

  1. Day started with enduring 8 hours of black out, terrible terrible heat, only some hours of sleep, waking up around 2:30 with diarrhea boiling in my stomach, and waking up at 6:30 when electrical power finally resumed.
  2. Rain… why didn’t you just pour in the 8 hours that we had to fan ourselves to sleep?
  3. Happy to be going out in a rainy day for the oDesk Contractors Meet Up!
  4. It’s the second time I get to attend a free seminar/meeting in a hotel with free lunch within the city. So fortunate that traffic isn’t a dissuading factor here! Everything seems so near!
  5. Loved strolling outdoors even for a short period of time. Thank God its overcast!
  6. Bought assorted bread at Casilda’s. 🙂
  7. How can I collect all 5 different Anmum feeding bibs when they’re packing the boxes with the same pattern for 5 months now?? =_=
  8. Saddening scenery. Seems like the next-door neighbor acquired a cockfighting rooster. No wonder the crowing seemed louder overnight! At the end of the alley, hangs an multi-level array of the other neighbors’ machine-washed clothes waiting to dry and the group of construction workers having their afternoon snack, smoke break and usual chattering…
  9. Meeting people who work in the same setup as you feels more encouraging. I hope to get encouraged more.
  10. Really appreciate the traffic management system in the city. Hate that there are a lot of asshole drivers though, and fellow commuters who love to spit phlegm and saliva in a whim. >_>
  11. Love to murder the neighbor’s rooster!

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