Missing some Christmas spirit

Another sleep-disturbed morning.

I wish to split into 2 persons and let the other one roam around town and find the best bargain apartment we could easily move into. I miss having a satisfying sleep… If it ain’t noise, it’s the weather that’s keeping me awake. (Actually, its the construction workers having coffee next door that woke me up again). It’s the middle of November and we’re still dead warm in here. I could’ve been stoned asleep at Dasma if I were there now.

Homesickness strikes again.

It actually struck me yesterday as we were planning how to put on the Christmas lights we just bought.

I remember my mom & dad’s bedroom back at Summerwind where I loved to lounge at come November nights, or as early as when my mom would put up those Christmas lights. Often, I’d nag her when she buys something new. But when it’s up there brightening the tiny window on a cool night, it feels most like home…

Outside, neighbors have pitched in money to decorate the entire street with lanterns and Christmas lights. It was magical for us kids. It was inviting for anyone lost in the village.

And then back when we were small, when we used to live with my Lolo and Lola in the old two-storey house, I recall how Christmas was so looked forward to. My tita would be climbing up the roof to make a simple star pattern out of Christmas lights in front of the capiz windows. It’s the first thing you’d see when you enter our compound. Then come those parol vendors. We used to buy some foil-made lanterns and hang it out the silong.

And even when I was grown up, I looked forward to Christmas like any kid wanting presents. Except that, this time around, I had the capacity to give as well. I know I’m a spendthrift, but no matter how simple or cheap it is, I made sure I bought presents for people who mattered. Christmas shopping was fun even if it’s not for myself.

Finally, how could anyone forget Christmas in Dasmariñas when the City is literally lit up as early as November. From little barangay streets, to the highways and the town plaza – everything looks sparkling. I hate to admit it, but it somehow looks like a studio set for a Christmas movie. And I miss it.

Right now, I’m just sad that I’m not feeling that Christmas spirit.

The neighborhood here doesn’t make an effort to decorate. I’ve only seen one out of a 100 houses with series lights outside and that giant Christmas tree at Fuente Osmeña circle assembled every year. Malls feel more with spirit, probably because they’re selling Christmas decors and the air-conditioning feels great. I’ve only seen a few Christmas lantern vendors on the market. I can’t believe an entire stretch of street could be so bare this time of the year.

I don’t even have Christmas shopping on my agenda next month. I guess because there are no friends to give presents to. And families here go home at Christmas or are affiliated to a different religion.

It’s an advantage for a financially challenged couple like us. We’ll most likely be spending on baby stuff and furniture in the coming months. We have a long list of things to buy. And looking for a place to move to is always our priority. But it stings to be reminded that this year is a bit different. And I’m wanting so bad to put an effort to somehow make it different. But being pregnant makes it all the more difficult.

This year, I can’t imagine how Christmas morning would be like. But I hope somehow, it would be brighter, colder and merry as it should be…


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