A forked path

Its about 22 degrees and I’ve chilled my hands for 2 hours here in the office… Its been pouring for several days and a storm’s brewing down south of where we are now.

Almost 2 months married, moved away from home and loving being a housewife… I love living in this city with Mr. H who’s been more than I prayed for as a man and partner in life. We’ve crossed seas, been to roadtrips and climbed mountains literally and figuratively. We’re a struggling young couple in our late 20’s and we’re both praying soon to have a baby!

I guess the eagerness came after feeling how our families and friends are excited about seeing our hybrid genes combined. That curiousity of who would she/he most resemble and just having that part of the equation to finally complete our Family… They say you won’t feel like one unless you have that little bundle of joy. *Sigh! Babies!!! Course we don’t wanna reach 50 and still have our kids in high school no!

So as much as we’re excited about it, we’re a bit crazy as well as to what career steps we’re going to take to sustain our family. With pretty much a conservative amount of savings, I wanted to play it safe and let him run his business and I’ll walk back to the rat race of the private corporate world. Its been my dream after all, to work for a big company, save and invest. On the other hand, we’re both feeling tired of working for someone else.

We’re in a forked path. Struggling entrepreneurs or corporate slaves?

Mr. H and I have been enduring almost sleepless nights not spent on babymaking (lolz). Rather stressed on what to do, where to begin and how we’re gonna make it. Add to that our daily expenses – the food, rent, bills, the shiny-shimmering glitter of boutique windows and brightly colored posters of recreational advertisements, AND baby food, clothes, accessories — if our angel ever comes unexpectedly! ^^

I have faith that God’s leading us to something great and that He wont give us a challenge we can’t overcome.