I’ve read and have been told that setting goals adds optimism and motivation for a person. I could keep those in my thoughts, but having them written down or pictured out visually makes it more appealing. Just take a peek of my board at Pinterest or the scattered lists on my smartphone, planners and even scratch papers.

And now I’m sharing it here, to make it even more challenging. That maybe someday, when I look back, I’ll see that I’ve been able to accomplish some, if not most of them. Listing them in random order:

  • Reach 100 posts on this blog
  • Launch a co-authored blog about parenting and the quirks behind it
  • Save $1,000 on my oDesk wallet
  • Invest on mutual funds
  • Invest on the stock market
  • Vacation in Palawan
  • Vacation in Bohol at Amorita
  • Find a new apartment/office
  • Purchase our first real property
  • Purchase a vehicle
  • Experience the 7 lakes of Laguna
  • Take Olive to Manila Ocean Park
  • Spend a day at Plantation Bay
  • Buy a LED TV (during baby feeding & burping times)
  • Subscribe to a cable service provider
  • Experience the Koreanovela feel in South Korea
  • Have a family picture with the Bangui windmills on the background
  • Taste the buffet at Vikings MOA
  • Dine at Lantaw Floating Resto
  • Celebrate Olive’s first birthday with an Anime Cafe inspired theme
  • Earn through blog advertisements
  • Launch a printables store on Etsy
  • Buy an automatic top load washing machine
  • Buy a Macbook Pro
  • Get a Lumix L7
  • Have our wedding photos edited and preserved in an album
  • Have a family pictorial courtesy of Rock Paper Scissors
  • Dye my hair red
  • Go on a road trip around North/South Cebu
  • Watch Showtime live and experience the mob dance
  • Experience the outdoor hotsprings of Japan
  • Take Olive to Hongkong Disneyland
  • Draw 10 family caricatures
  • Finish a course in WordPress theme development
  • Register my domain and have a hosted site OR get the WordPress upgrade bundle
  • Upgrade Machi, my 4 year old Macbook, to Mountain Lion OS

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