About Me

Former sentimalist, cynical, sinister mafia-yakuza-ninja assassin wannabe with gruesome intent for world domination and annihilation of people on my blacklist – UNTIL I met Mr. H who mellowed me down and smiled at all the evil plots I make. I was tamed! ~^,^~

I’m now a newlywed Caviteña in my late 20’s — happily bound to Mr. H who’s based in Cebu.

I quit my job, a supervisory post in a Local Government Unit, and was swept away from home to live here in the Queen City of the South where I’m currently (adjusting) struggling with the language barrier and the confusing jeepney routes. I’m a fan of Siomai sa Tisa, Chicharon Carcar and Sikwateng Argao and definitely adore the patriotic spirit of Cebuanos.

Chocolates, ice creams, and cheesecakes are my addiction. I have a soft spot for dogs – domesticated or stray though Mr. H wont let me have one YET! {evil grin} I have 2 awesome aspins back at Cavite who I used to share all my rantings to.

I was a graphic artist and writer by profession and a passionate events production worker. My heart is definitely in the creative community but I enjoy being a housewife and business assistant to Mr. H. So while I’m off being a career woman, I think I’ll have to pour all that creative aura here and hopefully share to anyone whatever could be learned from my adventures, experiences, mishaps and marvels in life.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. A frustrated artist here. I am happy to stumble upon the blog of a genuine artist! I’ve always admired and respected people who work or have worked in the creative field. I hope one day I can pursue that path too. I still have to muster a lot of courage to do that. I just wanted to say what a lovely blog you have here.

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